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Elaboration et propriétés de films minces, hétéro- et nano-structures à base de semiconducteurs II-VI

par Vincent Sallet Equipe NSP

Informations pratiques :

Mardi 12 mars 2019
à 14h
Amphi C, bâtiment Descartes, UFR sciences UVSQ
45 avenue des Etats-Unis
78035 Versailles cedex
Innovations which have arisen from research on semiconductors (silicon, Si-Ge-C alloys, III-VI and II-VI compounds) still contribute to the development of electronics, telecommunications, lighting, information processing, and health. Regarding II-VI semiconductors, there is much interest from the scientific community to study this family of compounds for many applications, such as solar cells (CdTe), transparent conductors (ZnO), spintronics (alloys with Mn), detectors (from gamma/X radiation to the mid-IR range), optics/photonics and quantum information (CdSe quantum dots).
This defence will present my research activities on the growth and characterisation of zinc oxide material and hetero/nano-structures. In the first part, I will present : the epitaxy of ZnO thin films and nanowires (bottom–up approach of ZnO nanostructures), the realisation of ZnO/ZnMgO quantum heterostructures, and the coating of ZnO nanowires with various materials to obtain the so-called "core-shell" structures. The issue of p-type doping will also be discussed. Then more applied studies will be presented, and will concern light emitting diodes and plasmonics.
In the second part, I will describe my scientific project. This will outline the ZnO studies, in particular the development of selective growth for the preparation of nanostructured surfaces. The project also proposes to investigate the growth of 1D nanostructures with other II-VI semiconductors, such as ZnS.

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