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Semiconductor nanostructures and properties team (NSP)


The Semiconductor Nanostructures and Properties (NSP) team aims to develop and study the physical properties of materials, microstructures and nanostructures based on II-VI semiconductors (in particular ZnO, ZnS...), functional oxides (SrTiO3, LaNiO3), and hybrid solar perovskites (CH3NH3Pb(I,Br)3 and Ruddlesden-Popper compounds).

In this perspective, we are developing the processes, epitaxial techniques, and characterization necessary for our programs. We are initiating partnerships, both internally at GEMaC and with external laboratories, in order to enhance our materials and strengthen our expertise in optical measurements and structural characterizations.

The scientific project of the NSP team is oriented on the following themes:

• Nanostructures based on II-VI semiconductors: epitaxy and MOCVD growth mechanisms, study of doping of ZnO nanowires, nano- and hetero-structures complex lateral or axial

• Optical properties and light emission of 2D and 3D hybrid perovskites for optoelectronics, semiconductors, and quantum structures. This topic deals with the study of defects and impurities in semiconductors and nanostructures, quantum confinement, confined Stark effect, and strain effect.

• Growth and functionalization of oxide films are explored from surface and interface properties: field effect, charge transfer, electric or magnetic polarization, bi-axial mechanical strain, orbital degeneration surveys, chemical reactions in solid phase. This research field includes an activity on the epitaxy by atomic layer deposition (ALD, ALE) of functional perovskite oxides such as SrTiO3 and BiFeO3.

The team participates in the animation of the scientific community around its themes: GDR PULSE, GDR HPERO, GDR MEETICC, semiconductor nanowires community. We are involved in the training of students from Licence 3 to Master 2, of doctoral students, and in teaching fields.