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Integrated quantum photonics based on single photon emitters in 2D materials

Master and PhD offer with secured ANR funding
Optically active deep defects in the solid state can be seen as artificial atoms. These so-called colour centres represent a major interest in quantum information science, owing to their potential as single photon emitters and their possible integration in nanostructures and devices. An emblematic example is the NV (nitrogen-vacancy) centre in diamond. Recently discovered colour centres in the 2D material hBN (hexagonal boron nitride) bring new perspectives of integration and applications in quantum technologies.

du 1 février 2022 au 31 juillet 2022

01/02/2022 au 31/07/2022 (dates à titre indicatif)
Organisme : UVSQ/CNRS
45, avenue des États-Unis
78000 Versailles
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