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7th International Workshop on Zinc Oxide and related Materials

du 11 septembre 2012 au 14 septembre 2012

September 11th -14th 2012
ACROPOLIS conference center in NICE (France)
Conference Topics:

• Growth and characterization of bulk crystals and thin films.
• Doping and defect control.
• Nanostructures (quantum dots, quantum wells, nanowires, etc...)
• Optical and electrical properties.
• Heterostructures and homojunctions.
• Magnetism and spintronics devices.
• Optical and electronic applications (light emitting diodes, photo diodes, transistors, sensors, etc..).
• Theory (band calculation, ab-initio calculation, etc..).
Informations complémentaires
Organizing Committee

Jean-Michel Chauveau CNRS/CRHEA, France
Guy Feuillet CEA/LETI, France
Christian Morhain CNRS/CRHEA, France
Vincent Sallet CNRS/GEMAC, France
Jean-Louis Santailler, CEA/LETI, France