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Axe Semiconducteurs - publications et thèses

Thèses en cours

Sébastien Roux
"Spectroscopies de luminescence et d'absorption d'hétérostructures de matériaux 2D"
en cours 2019-, co-encadré avec le LEM-ONERA

Étienne Carré
"Optoélectronique dans le moyen infrarouge avec le phosphore noir",
en cours 2018-, co-encadré avec le LEM-ONERA

Publications 2022 -


V. Guilloux, T. Barisien, F. Bernardot, M. Bernard, F. Margaillan, S. Majrab, I. Stenger, E. Lhuillier, C. Testelin, M. Chamarro, L. Legrand
"Phonon Modes and Exciton-Phonon Interactions in CsPbCl3 Single Nanocrystals",
Physica E 151, 115713 (2023) – [HAL]

M. Rochedy, V. Klosek, C. Riglet-Martial, C. Onofri-Marroncle, D. Drouan, D. Reyes, P. Bienvenu, I. Roure, M. Cabié, L. Amidani, J. Léchelle, M-A. Pinault-Thaury,
"Behaviour of fission products in UO2: Experimental characterization of the Cs-I-UO2 model system at high temperature",
Journal of Nuclear Materials 581, 154450 (2023)


E. M. Weikum, P. Dalapati, G. Beainy, J. M. Chauveau, M. Hugues, D. Lefebvre, J. Houard, A. Vella, L. Rigutti,
"Influence of dynamic morphological modifications of atom probe specimens on the intensity of their photoluminescence spectra",
J. Opt. Soc. Amer. B 40, 1633 (2023)

C. Maestre, Y. Li, V. Garnier, P. Steyer, S. Roux, A. Plaud, A. Loiseau, J. Barjon, L. Ren, C. Robert, B. Han, X. Marie, C. Journet, B. Toury
"From the synthesis of hBN crystals to their use as nanosheets in van der Waals heterostructures"
2D Materials 9, 035008 (2022) (open access)

M.-A. Pinault-Thaury, F. Jomard
"Nitrogen investigation by SIMS in two wide band-gap semiconductors: Diamond and Silicon Carbide"
Materials Science Forum 1062, 376 (2022) (open access) – [HAL]

N. A. Althumairi, I. Baig, T. S. Kayed, A. Mekki, A. Lusson, V. Sallet, A. Majid, S. Akhtar, A. Fouzri,
"Structural, morphological, optical, and electrical studies of Tb-doped ZnO micropods elaborated by chemical bath deposition on a p-Si substrate",
Applied Physics A 128, 559 (2022)

S. Modak, Al. Schulte, C. Sartel, V. Sallet,  Y. Dumont,  E. Chikoidze, X. Xia,  F. Ren, S. J. Pearton,  A. Ruzin, L. Chernyak,
"Impact of radiation and electron trapping on minority carrier transport in p-Ga2O3",
Appl. Phys. Lett. 120, 233503 (2022)

V. Cantelli, S. Guillemin, E. Sarigiannidou, F. Carla, B. Berini, J.-M. Chauveau, D. D Fong, H. Renevier, and V. Consonni
"In situ analysis of the nucleation of O-and Zn-polar ZnO nanowires using synchrotron-based X-ray diffraction"
Nanoscale 14(3), 680–690 (2022) – [HAL]

S. Kumar, F. Fossard, G. Amiri, J.-M. Chauveau, and V. Sallet.
"Induced structural modifications in ZnS nanowires via physical state of catalyst: Highlights of 15R crystal phase."
Nano Research 15, 377–385 (2022) – [HAL]