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Axe Physique des matériaux multifonctionnels - publications et thèses

Thèses en cours / Current PhDs

  • MADACI Ismail (02/2020 - 02/2023)
    "Injection et détection de spin dans des nanostructures à base d'oxydes de fer / Spin injection and detection in iron oxide nanostructures"
    Directeur de thèse DUMONT Yves, co-directrice POPOVA Elena, co-directeur VENNEGUES Philippe (CRHEA)
  • ZEYU Chi (10/2020 - 10/2023)
    "Étude de l’oxyde de gallium pour des électroniques de puissance et haute fréquence : du matériau au dispositif / Gallium Oxide for Next Generation Energy Electronics"
    Directeur de thèse DUMONT Yves
  • Mamadou N’diyaye (2019-2022), cotutelle Dakar/UVSQ
    "Visualisation et modélisation de la dynamique spatio-temporelle des matériaux à transition de spin"
    Directeur de thèse Kamel Boukheddaden
  • Nour Belmouri (2021-2024)
    "Observation et modélisation spatio-temporelles de transitions de phases du 1er ordre dans les solides moléculaires à transitions de spins photo- et thermo-commutables"
    Directeur de thèse Kamel Boukheddaden

Publications 2022 -


E. Chikoidze, J. Leach, Z. Chi, J. von Bardeleben, B. Ballesteros, A.-M. Gonçalves, T. Tchelidze, Y. Dumont, A. Pérez-Tomás,
"Surface Two-Dimensional Hole Gas in Si doped β-Ga2O3 Thin Film",
J. Alloys and Compounds (2023) – [HAL]

Z. Chi, C. Sartel, Y. Zheng, S. Modak, L. Chernyak, C. M Schaefer, J. Padilla, J. Santiso, A. Ruzin, A.-M. Gonçalves, J. von Bardeleben, G. Guillot, Y. Dumont, A. Pérez-Tomás, E. Chikoidze,
"Native defects association enabled room-temperature p-type conductivity in β-Ga2O3",
J. Alloy and Compounds (2023) – [HAL]

A. Grishin, B. Bérini, M. Vallet, S. Hurand, F. Maudet, C. Sartel, M. Frégnaux, S. Nowak, G. Amiri, S. Hassani, D. Aureau, V. Sallet, V. Demange, Y. Dumont,
"Tailoring crystallisation of anatase TiO2 ultra-thin films grown by atomic layer deposition using 2D oxides as growth template",
Appl. Surf. Sci. 641, 158446 (2023) – [HAL]

A. Slimani et K. Boukheddaden,
"Asymmetric self-organization accompanying a thermoinduced spin transition with symmetry breaking: Microscopic modeling",
Phys. Rev. B, vol. 108, no 6, p. 064107, août 2023, doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.108.064107.

S. B. Ogou, T. D. Oke, M. Karimou, F. Hontinfinde, et K. Boukheddaden,
"BEG spin-1 model with random exchange magnetic interactions for spin-crossover solids",
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, vol. 35, no 45, p. 455704, août 2023.

I. Benguettat-El Mokhtari and D. S. Schmool,
"Ferromagnetic Resonance in Magnetic Oxide Nanoparticules: A Short Review of Theory and Experiment",
Magnetochemistry 9, 191 (2023)

S. Bolarinwa Ogou, T. Djidjoho Oke, M. Karimou, F. Hontinfinde, and K. Boukheddaden,
"BEG spin-1 model with random exchange magnetic interactions for spin-crossover solids",
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 35, 455704 (2023)

R. Traiche, H. Oubouchou, et K. Boukheddaden,
"Electro-Elastic Modeling of Multi-Step Transitions in Two Elastically Coupled and Sterically Frustrated 1D Spin Crossover Chains"
Crystals 13, 937 (2023)

L. Sun, N. E. I. Belmouri, M. Ndiaye, K. Robeyns, A. Rotaru, K. Boukheddaden, et Y. Garcia
"Thermal-Driven Guest-Induced Spin Crossover Behavior in 3D Fe(II)-Based Porous Coordination Polymers"
Crystal Growth & Design, vol. 23, no 5, p. 3402‑3411, mai 2023

C. Cazelles, M. Ndiaye, P. Dahoo, J. Linares, et K. Boukheddaden
"Surface-Bulk 2D Spin-Crossover Nanoparticles within Ising-like Model Solved by Using Entropic Sampling Technique"
Magnetochemistry, vol. 9, no 3, p. 61, mars 2023

Z. Chi, T. Tchelidze, C. Sartel, T. Gamsakhurdashvili, I. Madaci, H. Yamano, V. Sallet, Y. Dumont, A. Pérez-Tomas, F. Medjdoub,
"Assessment of Large Critical Electric Field in Ultra-wide Bandgap p-type Spinel ZnGa2O4",
J. Phys. D (2023)


K. Boukheddaden, S. Miyashita, et S. Triki
"Spin transition materials: Molecular and solid-state"
Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 132, no 22, p. 220402, déc. 2022

L. Sun, M. Ndiaye, N. El Islam Belmouri, et al.
"Spin Crossover Coordination Polymers with Pyridine-Like Modification through Selective Guest Molecules"
Crystal Growth & Design, vol. 22, no 12, p. 7555‑7563, déc. 2022

N. Pittala, E. Cuza, D. Pinkowicz, et al.
"Antagonist elastic interactions tuning spin crossover and LIESST behaviours in FeII trinuclear-based one-dimensional chains"
Inorg. Chem. Front., vol. 9, no 24, p. 6468‑6481, déc. 2022

N. di Scala, N. E. I. Belmouri, M. A. P. Espejo, et K. Boukheddaden
"Explaining the origin of the orientation of the front transformation in spin-transition crystals"
Phys. Rev. B, vol. 106, no 14, p. 144107, oct. 2022

Y. Singh, K. Affes, N.-I. Belmouri, et K. Boukheddaden
"Clamping of spin-crossover solid inducing crystal bending and spatial spin organization"
Materials Today Physics, vol. 27, p. 100842, oct. 2022

N. di Scala, N. E. I. Belmouri, M. A. P. Espejo, et K. Boukheddaden
"Three-dimensional electroelastic modeling of the nucleation and propagation of the spin domains in spin-crossover materials"
Phys. Rev. B, vol. 106, no 1, p. 014422, juill. 2022

S. Modak, Al. Schulte, C. Sartel, V. Sallet,  Y. Dumont,  E. Chikoidze, X. Xia,  F. Ren, S. J. Pearton,  A. Ruzin, L. Chernyak,
"Impact of radiation and electron trapping on minority carrier transport in p-Ga2O3",
Appl. Phys. Lett. 120, 233503 (2022)

M. Ndiaye et K. Boukheddaden
"Pressure-induced multi-step and self-organized spin states in an electro-elastic model for spin-crossover solids",
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., vol. 24, no 21, p. 12870‑12889, juin 2022

H. Fourati, M. Ndiaye, M. Sy, et al.
"Light-induced thermal hysteresis and high-spin low-spin domain formation evidenced by optical microscopy in a spin-crossover single crystal"
Phys. Rev. B, vol. 105, no 17, p. 174436, mai 2022

C. Cazelles, J. Linares, P.-R. Dahoo, et K. Boukheddaden
"A Generalized Ising-like Model for Spin Crossover Nanoparticles"
Magnetochemistry, vol. 8, no 5, p. 49, mai 2022

M. Dallocchio, A. Boileau, B. Mercey, A. David, U. Lüders, S. Froissart, X. Larose, B. Bérini, Y. Dumont, A. Pautrat, W. Prellier, A. Fouchet,
"Tunable magnetic and magnetotransport properties in locally epitaxial La_0.67 Sr_0.33 MnO_3 thin films on polycrystalline SrTiO_3, by control of grain size",
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 55, 235303 (2022) – [HAL]

Z. Chi, J.J. Asher, M.R. Jennings, E. Chikoidze, A. Pérez-Tomás,
"Ga2O3 and Related Ultra-Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor Oxides: New Energy Electronics Solutions for CO2 Emission Mitigation",
Materials 15, 1164 (2022) – [HAL].

M. Itoi, I. Maurin, K. Boukheddaden, et al.
"Sub-micrometer particle size effects on metastable phases for a photoswitchable Co–Fe Prussian blue analog"
Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 131, no 8, p. 085110, févr. 2022

V. Cantelli, S. Guillemin, E. Sarigiannidou, F. Carlá, B. Bérini, J.-M. Chauveau, D. Fong, H. Renevier, V. Consonni
"In situ analysis of the nucleation of O-and Zn-polar ZnO nanowires using synchrotron-based X-ray diffraction"
Nanoscale, Royal Society of Chemistry 14, D1NR06099F (2022) - [HAL]

P. Chakraborty, M. Sy, H. Fourati, et al.
"Optical microscopy imaging of the thermally-induced spin transition and isothermal multi-stepped relaxation in a low-spin stabilized spin-crossover material"
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., vol. 24, no 2, p. 982‑994, janv. 2022

K. Affes, Y. Singh, et K. Boukheddaden,
"Electro-Elastic Modeling of Thermal Spin Transition in Diluted Spin-Crossover Single Crystals"
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 23, no 22, p. 13854, janv. 2022

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