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BIAMS 2016

It is organized by GEMaC, a joint laboratory of University of Versailles-St-Quentin and CNRS, involved in solid state physics research.

du 5 juin 2016 au 9 juin 2016

Du 5 au 9 juin 2016

The 13th International Conference BIAMS continues a successful series of conferences which started in Meudon, France, in 1988. It is our honor and pleasure to welcome again the BIAMS conference in the Paris region.

UFR des Sciences - Bât. Fermat
45 avenue des Etats Unis
78000 Versailles

The BIAMS conference gathers scientists from all over the world to present advances in the field of the physical characterization of semiconductors by means of beam injection and related methods. Application fields are broad:  photovoltaic, micro- and nano-electronics, device degradation, semiconductor defects, reverse engineering, nanophotonics, quantum optics, ...

BIAMS has gained an excellent reputation for high quality scientific presentations and discussions, and also for the warm atmosphere of its academic interaction among physicists, materials scientists and technologists working in this field, which offers an ideal place for networking.

Versailles is a recent university city which benefits from the scientific dynamism of Paris region. Versailles is just an hour from the old city center of Paris. Otherwise, you will enjoy the historic atmosphere of Versailles city with its famous gardens and castle.

We very much hope that you will attend BIAMS2016 and find the conference both enjoyable and valuable. We look forward to meeting you in Versailles, France.

Julien Barjon (Conference Chair) and the organizing committee.