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Development of n-type diamond synthesis processes for accelerating electrification

PhD project at GEMaC, joint with Néel Institute (Grenoble) Application via CNRS portal at

du 1 septembre 2024 au 30 août 2027

Organisme : UVSQ/CNRS
45, avenue des États-Unis
78000 Versailles

Description of the thesis topic

As part of the priority research program and equipment (PEPR) in electronics, FrenchDiam is a unique consortium of 8 French research laboratories (5 from CNRS, 2 from CEA and 1 from INSA) which is working on 4 years, exploring the applications of diamond as a material for power electronics. It aims to leverage the remarkable properties of diamond to demonstrate the feasibility of two advanced diamond devices, a high-voltage vertical transistor and a monolithic switching cell, designed to push the boundaries of the current state of the art.
FrenchDiam plans to optimize the technological steps necessary to develop a production sector (growth of large diamond substrates, epitaxy of doped layers, etc.). Extensive tests will be carried out to validate the performance of the devices and demonstrate their usefulness. The project will also focus on assessing the environmental impact of diamond component production.
The research carried out in FrenchDiam will allow France to be a leader in diamond technology for power conversion, unlike the SiC and GaN technologies carried out by the United States and Japan, by promoting the emergence of a new generation of key power devices meeting the challenge of accelerating electrification in many areas. FrenchDiam will thus consolidate the national sector around diamond and lead to the establishment of a road map to lead the industry towards diamond.
The objectives of the thesis work concern (1) the synthesis of n-type diamond in/on the sides of mesa structures of the vertical transistor to allow control of the conduction of the transistor with a pn junction gate and (2) the synthesis of self-supporting diamond serving as support for the switching cell where the insulating nature is essential, whatever the operating temperature. The PhD student will carry out diamond epitaxies by microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition (MPCVD) and will characterize physical properties using different microscopic measurements (e.g. scanning electronics), spectroscopic measurements (e.g. cathodoluminescence), electrical measurements ... She/he will communicate the results during internal (to members of the host laboratories) and external (to the consortium partners) meetings as well as at national and international conferences/workshops.

Work Context

The thesis will be carried out at the Condensed Matter Study Group (CNRS-GEMaC, UVSQ), on the Versailles UFR des sciences campus. The PhD student will work within the “diamond” activity of the Semiconductors axis, which has 20 years of experience in the synthesis and physical study of n-type diamond. The recruited student will benefit from the PEPR FrenchDiam collaboration network to characterize and validate their developments. The thesis will be co-supervised with the Néel Institute (UPR 2940) in Grenoble where the PhD student will be required to travel to carry out clean room structuring and electrical measurements complementary to those carried out at GEMaC.
The candidate must show a pronounced interest in experimental sciences (material synthesis, physical measurements of materials, micro-manufacturing in clean room) and good knowledge in various scientific fields (material science, experimental physics). The candidate must be able to integrate into a team of scientists and must speak English.

The position is located in a sector under the protection of scientific and technical potential (PPST), and therefore requires, in accordance with the regulations, that your arrival is authorized by the competent authority of the MESR.

Informations complémentaires
Contact :
Marie-Amandine Pinault-Thaury
Tel : 01 39 25 44 89
Courriel :