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Metal and oxide deposition

GEMaC has two Joule effect evaporation systems and two cathodic pulverisation systems.

ultra high vacuum reactor

A UHV reactor (ultrahigh vacuum) allows for the development of granular or continuous layers of gold. It is intended for the development of structures or thin films for optics (effects of field enhancement).

Edwards reactor

A commercial reactor “Edwards auto306” has two sources for the successive deposition of two different metals (nickel, gold, aluminum, silver ...). It produces metal films used as electrical contacts or catalyst.

Leybold Z400 reactor

A versatile commercial reactor Leybold Z400 realises electrical contacts, thin or granular layers and heterostructures for optics, magnetooptics, electronics...
We use a wide variety of crucibles for a large diversity of dielectric or metallic deposition.

Reactive pulverisation reactor

Finaly, a reactor allowing reactive pulverisation is dedicated to elaboration of structures and thin layers for optics.