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PLD for oxides

A UHV chamber is used to elaborate thin films of essentially ternary oxides by laser ablation using two different lasers, a KrF excimer laser (LAmbda Physik - 650mJ / 248 nm) and a Nd:YAG solid-state laser (Spectra Physics - 180mJ / 355 nm). The base pressure in UHV systems is around 5x10-9 mbar.
Substrates are heated from room temperature to 900°C in partial or total oxygen pressure. A as pulsed valve is available as well. An eight-target holder provides a possibility to grow all-oxide heterostructures. Targets are mainly fabricated in the lab. 
The PLD setup is equipped with different in situ characterizations such as:
  • Spectroscopic ellipsometer (350-850nm/ SENTECH et 370-1600nm/ WOOLAM)
  • RHEED (STAIB Instruments, 15 kV)
  • IR Camera (FLIR Systems)
  • Emission spectrometer (Ocean Optics)
  • Residual Gaz Analysis
  • Double wavelength pyrometer (WILLIAMSON)