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Organisation chart

Our laboratory is divided in 5 research teams:
  • Diamond for electronics (DIAM)
  • Functionnal magnetic oxides (FOX)
  • Semiconductor nanostructures and properties (NSP)
  • Optics at the NanoScale (ONS)
  • Physic of Switchable Moleculars Materials (P2MC)
Besides, several common services and facilities offer expertise to the research projects: mechanics, materials polishing and shaping, instrumentation, X-rays diffraction, spectrophotometry, atomic force microscopy (AFM), transport measurement, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), secondary ions mass spectroscopy (SIMS).

The administration service completes the picture.

About 50 people are working in our laboratory, including about one third PhD students and post-docs. Moreover, we host every year about 20 invited researchers for stays from a week to several months, and about 20 interns, spanning from high school to master level.


GEMaC direction: direction.gemac@uvsq.fr
Financial management and human resources: admin.gemac@uvsq.fr
Communication team: comm.gemac@uvsq.fr