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Optics at the NanoScale Team (ONS/OEN)

The activity of the Optics at the NanoScale (ONS) team falls into the domain of quantum nanophotonics. We are first interested in nanosources of light:
- colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals based on CdSe, at the single object level or self-assembled into aggregates,
- colour centres in wide bandgap semiconductor nanostructures (ZnO, hBN, SiC),
- low dimensional hybrid perovskites.

We are also studying their coupling to photonic structures, in particular plasmonic structures, whose resonances are confined within a few nanometres.
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To investigate the (classical and quantum) optical properties of these various nanostructures, we combine complementary techniques of near-field optical microscopy as well as confocal microscopy (at room or cryogenic temperatures). These microscopes can be coupled to photon counting devices and spectrometers to obtain emission spectra (fluorescence) of the individual nano-objects studied in the far or near field.
Our experimental approach is completed by a modelling activity using the so-called “FDTD” method (for Finite Difference Time Domain).
Team ONS
From left to right: Théotime Bergese, Océane Capelle, Guillaume Quibeuf, Clarisse Fournier, Damien Garrot, Stéphanie Buil, Aymeric Delteil, Jean-Pierre Hermier, Lilay Gros-Desormeaux, Christophe Arnold