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High spatial resolution cathodoluminescence
System composed of:
  • High resolution scanning electron microscope (Jeol)
  • UV-visible-IR detection in continuous wave (Horiba Jobin Yvon): retractable parabolic mirror, monochromator, CCD camera, photomultiplier for imaging
  • CL-Link module  (Horiba Jobin Yvon) developed in collaboration with GEMaC: beam control for profiles and mapping acquisition
  • Liquid helium flow cryostat (Gatan)
  • Electron blanker designed and developed in GEMaC for time-resolved cathodoluminescence, single-channel UV-visible and photon counting device.
Specifications :
  • spectral range in continuous regime CL: 190-1000 nm
  • time resolution in time-resolved CL: 100 ps in the range 190-500 nm
  • sample temperature range: 5K-300K
  • ultimate spatial resolution: 1.2 nm