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Transport measurements


Aligned four points probe for resistivity measurements

Non-destructive method to measure resistance (resistivity) of samples at room temperature.
Two sets: 0.5 mm and 2 mm distance between probes (WC tips), with XY stages

I-V current-tension and C-V capacitance measurements

A Keithley 4200 “Semiconductor characterization system” equipped with 5 probes allows:
  •  I-V characterization. Measures 2 and 4 points probe resistivity at room temperature. From femtoA to A currents, from nanoV to 200 V
  •  Capacitance – Voltage measurements. From attoFarads (aF) to nanoFarads (nF) range at frequencies from 10 KHz to 10 MHz. With two Kelvin probes
  • In general, any tests of semiconducting IC with an “Labview-type” commercial program

Resistivity and Hall effect measurements

We have developped two “Resistivity and Hall effect measurements” set-ups in Van der Pauw configuration.

The first set-up is dedicated to measurements at room temperature of middle range impedance (1e+8 Ohms) samples up to 0.8 T magnetic field.

The second “high impedance-high temperature” (1e+10 Ohm) set-up is equipped with a 1.6 T electro-magnet in 80 K - 880 K temperature range.

We study various semiconductors and oxides from their highly conductive up to semi-insulating state.