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Material shaping

Shaping and polishing workshop

Our equipment includes:
  • 3 ESCIL diamond wire saws: Well vertical 3241:
    • wire diameter: 0.3 mm (diamond 60 µm)
    • 0.17 mm (diamond 30 µm)
    • goniometric heads: 1 axis – 2 axes – 3 axes
    • translation: micrometric table
  • 2 manual polishing machines with variable speed (0 to 125 rounds/min)
  • 1 automatic polishing machine LAM PLAN MM 8052 (without product provider)
  • 1 ionic thinner PIPS (Precision Ion Polishing System) GATAN

Target fabrication workshop

Fabrication of a broad variety of ternary oxides is made according to the ceramic materials preparation process: mixing/grinding, pressing and sintering at high temperature. The workshop is equipped with several precision scales, a planetary ball mill Retsch PM100, a 25 ton uniaxial press, 2 vertical sintering furnaces Pyrox that can operate up to 1 600 °C and a horizontal furnace that can perform annealing up to 1 200 °C.