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Optical lithography

The photolithography equipment in GEMaC allows fast prototyping of micrometric patterns thanks to a liquid crystal matrix of 1920 × 1080 pixels, which acts as a mask. The system is equipped with various objectives allowing to work at several different scales according to the needs. The smallest patterns are of order of a few micrometers. The apparatus is equipped with a x, y and z stage (300 nm step) for insulating areas that are larger than the field of view given by the objective.

The photolithography system is associated with a rotating plate for photoresist deposition, a heating plate for annealing and a chemistry bench for post-insolation development. It is compatible with all kinds of resists: positive, negative and reversible.

Equipement de photolithographie SMART PRINT

Available objectives, field of view (FOV) and precision

Rotating plate for liquid resist deposition, annealing and development