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Numerical study of plasmonic nanostructures

In our studies of the interaction between nano-emitters and plasmonic structures, knowledge of the electromagnetic fields in the near field of the metallic structured layer under study is a determining element. To calculate and characterize this field distribution, we use a 3D finite element, spatial and temporal calculation method, the FDTD (Finite Difference Time-Domain) developed by K. S. Yee [1].

Using Lumerical's FDTD Solutions© software, we first applied the FDTD method to fractal plasmonic structures to highlight the presence of exalted fields between metallic grains [2;3], based on gold surfaces measured by AFM.

Distribution of the field enhancement (b,c) at two wavelengths and histograms (d,e) on a fractal gold structure (a)

More obviously, we have also applied this numerical method to ordered plasmonic structures: to study the spatial distribution of plasmons in an array of nanometric gold dots, electrically excited under an STM tip [4]; to highlight the preferential orientation of fields in the vicinity of an array of holes in a gold film [5].


Electromagnetic field intensity above a gold patch grating.

Electromagnetic field intensities above a grating of holes in a gold layers, and fluorescence decays on various structures.

This method has also been widely used in the collaborative work with our colleagues at the LPQM on the coupling of an individual NC with a 3D photonic polymer structure [6].


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